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How to setting VLAN on NC360T with Server 2012?


How to setting VLAN on NC360T with Server 2012?

Hi all,


I had buought a NC360T, it is installed on a DL360 G6 with Server 2012.


The Switch is Cisco SG300-28 at Layer 3, with a VLAN ID 77 Trunk on it..


the problems is ... Before Server 2012, on Server 08R2 HP have a NIC management tool for 08R2, this can easy to add or change the VLAN tagged or untagged etc.


But now, Server 2012 up, DL360 G6, G7, G8 I am can't find the HP NIC Management tool anymore.


So on Server 2012, how you setting the VLAN ID give to the NC360T or anything on G6, G7, G8 etc without the HP NIC Management tools?


Thank you of your time and help.




Best Regards,

Jimmy Chan

Best Regards
Jimmy Chan