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How to start the PSU PS4000

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How to start the PSU PS4000

I have a PSU: Compaq PS4000 Series (169052-001). I take it from Proliant 1500 server. Now I want to run it separate, but it doesnt run when the switch is ON.

Maybe I have to connect some wire?

Thanks a lot for your help!
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Re: How to start the PSU PS4000


coud you start yor ps4000 ?

ALL RED - +5v
Orange - +12v
Black - Gnd.
Brown - +3.3v
Blue - (-12v)
White - (-5v)

P1: 1x12 pin 5 black, 6 red, 1 white
P2: 1x12 pin 3 black, empty, 3 brown, empty, 2 orange, 1 blue
P5: 2x5 pin Yellow, Orange, Brown, Red, Blue, Purple and 4 empty
P8: 3x3 pin 2 Orange, 4 Black, 2 Red, center empty
D1: (IDE Drives) 1x4 pin red, 2 black, orange