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How to troubleshooting Shared storage on CL1850

Matt Shulman
Occasional Contributor

How to troubleshooting Shared storage on CL1850

How can I troubleshoot a failure light on the shared storage in a cl1850 cluster. I recently picked up the unit on ebay and I'm trying to see if the error can easily be fixed before sending it back.

Boot up seems normal - all lights light up, fan spins up..etc. Then most of the lights go off, except the 1 drive in the shared storage array shows as failed and the fault light comes on. If I boot with no drives, the fault light still comes on.

How can I find out what the fault light is indicating? Will the normal diagnostics fix this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Gert Luyten
Respected Contributor

Re: How to troubleshooting Shared storage on CL1850

Where is the fault light located, on the storage system itself (right-hand side) or on the CR3500 controller(s)?
If it's the storage system, there might be an electronic fault on the backplane.
If it's the controller (and you only have one), well...

Maybe you bought a cat in the bag!
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Doug de Werd

Re: How to troubleshooting Shared storage on CL1850

Based on your description, only one hard drive fault light comes on which should in turn illuminate the CR3500 controller fault light since there is a failed component in the shared storage.

The first thing is to try and replace the failed drive. If the fault light still is on, then see if the CR3500 Array Configuration Utility can initialize and use the drive. If the CR3500 Array Configuration Utility cannot pickup the drive, then either the hard drive is bad or possibly the drive slot is problematic. I would suggest to try and use the CRERASE diskette to wipe out all array information and start fresh.

To create the CRERASE boot diskette:
1. Insert the Compaq SmartStart and Support Software CD 4.90 or higher (no higher than 5.30).
2. From the autoload screen, select Create Support Software.
3. From the Diskette Builder screen, choose to make the Compaq System Erase utility diskette.
4. Copy the file, CRERASE.EXE on the Compaq System Erase utility diskette to a different bootable diskette. The new bootable diskette is the CRERASE diskette.
5. Shutdown the CL1850 server nodes and shared storage subsystem.
6. Insert the CRERASE diskette into Node1 and power up the node.
7. Execute the CRERASE program from the diskette to erase the controller configuration.
8. Shutdown Node1 and shared storage subsystem.
9. Power up the shared storage subsystem and both server nodes.

Please refer to the following url for troubleshooting tips:|ProLiant+CL1850


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