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Re: Hp DL160g6 and DL360g6

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Hp DL160g6 and DL360g6

We are keeping these around for awhile fro developemet.

Being unfamiliar with HP software, what is the system software that can be downloaded to manage the hardware? ( F.E, the raid controller) . Dell has Server administrator, HP has ???

Thank you.

Yes I have looked 

Jimmy Vance
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Re: Hp DL160g6 and DL360g6

Being older units the  graphical tool was called Array Configuration Utility (ACU). During POST you should also be able to press F8 when the controller firmware is displayed to get into Option ROM Configuration for Arrays (ORCA) ORCA allows you to create basic RAID configurations, whereas ACU allows you to create more advanced configurations and manage the array

Link to the last version of the offline ACU tool offered for the G6 server

If you start at the main HPESC page and enter the server model you can access the various drivers and software available for the server model and OS you are working with



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