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Hp Dl380 g5 server transfer rate problem.


Hp Dl380 g5 server transfer rate problem.

Good evening,


I have an dl380 g5 server with p400 raid controller configured in raid 0 with 3x10k 6g Toshiba sas harddisks.

All the firmwares are updated.

I use it as a NAS drive for 3D applications so the only important thing for me is the read speeds.


bonnie++ shows around 390mb/s which is not enough when 20 servers are connected.


I know that p400's max speed is 3g, so I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the card with 6g one, the model options and if it will change anything?


The second question is, although I have dynamic link aggregation, each single server are not able to read a file more then 130mb/s. Shouldn't it be around 250mb/s?


the config is;


Nas Server:
Hp DL380 G5
2x Xeon 5440
8gb Ram
Intel x520 2x 10gbe Network card (Intel 82599ES)
Hp p400 raid controller
Raid5 10k Sas drives.

Cisco C3750e with 10gbe sfp+ module.


vista64/windows 7.
2x Intel® 82563EB network controller


Re: Hp Dl380 g5 server transfer rate problem.

>Transfer rate according to "dd if=/dev/zero of=output.img bs=8k count=256k" is around 330mb/s.


This is measuring write transfer rate.


Re: Hp Dl380 g5 server transfer rate problem.

sorry my bad. I edited the first post.

i did a test with bonnie++  which shows the read speed (sequential input) around 390mb/s if i did not get it wrong... :|

 So it is still not enough.

anyway to improve it?