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Hp ML 350 G5 power on issue

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Hp ML 350 G5 power on issue

Hey all,

We have an HP ML 350 G5 which does not power on. Have tried with 2 brand new PSU with no luck. The Led on the PSU does not light green, only the UID led lights when power is connected to the PSU. My guess is that the board has gone but is there any way to test the PSU backplane somehow, just in case ....


Any ideas would be very helpfull....

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Hp ML 350 G5 power on issue


The power backplanes are not that good  in the HP servers (not so much active electronics on them), but I guess they do manage to fail sometimes. Sometimes you can see on the back planes that something is wrong. One case I had for a DL580 I think (580, 585, something like that), and the customer who worked with electronics saw something decidedly wrong with the backplane and wanted it replaced. But in the end of course there was nothing wrong with it, they all looked like that.

I think you'll be pressed to be able to test the power backplane, unless you are quite knowledgeable in electronics. I guess you aren't?

Have you checked cabling (inside and outside server) and power source as well? Maybe it's a UPS/incoming power problem?