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Hp Proliant DL 320 G4 - Raid 1 status Degraded

Tony Audia
Occasional Visitor

Hp Proliant DL 320 G4 - Raid 1 status Degraded

This is my first failed drive that I have encountered in one of our Hp servers. Can I use the utility in the bios to replace the defective drive or do I need to use the ACU utility on disk? It is an 80GB sata drive. Do I have to let the whole thing rebuild before I attempt to boot windows? Any help or suggestions to make this go as easy as possible greatly appreciated.
Gary Antonio Benavides
Trusted Contributor

Re: Hp Proliant DL 320 G4 - Raid 1 status Degraded


This server should have a HP embedded 2 Port SATA Controller with RAID 0/1 support.
In this case, once you replace the new hard drive, you need to assign this new hard drive as a Hot Spare. Once the hard drive is assigned as hotspare it will be recognized by the array and it will rebuild the information. There is no need to let the hard drive rebuild before booting to windows.
Attached you can find the Embedded Sata Raid controller user Guide.

Adding or deleting a Hotspare

â ¢ From the main menu of the array configuration utility, select Add/Delete Hotspare
â ¢ Use the arrow keys to highlight the drive that you want to assigned as a hotspare, press the insert key.
â ¢ Press the enter key
Do you want to create spare? (Yes/No)

â ¢ Enter Yes
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