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Hp Smart Array P400 poor perfomance

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Hp Smart Array P400 poor perfomance

Hello. Recently, i've found a problem at one of our servers DL380 G5 with P400 installed. Problem is poor disk system perfomance. Screenshot is attached below. There are two Raid1 arrays at this controller. Host system is windows server 2012.  Disks and arrays has status OK in HP ACU. What can be wrong here?



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Re: Hp Smart Array P400 poor perfomance

Hello PaWeLL,


could you please share with us ADU report from HP Array Configuration Utility or Smart Storage Administrator?


Thank you!






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Re: Hp Smart Array P400 poor perfomance

By the way one reason for the poor performance may be the OS as Windows Server 2012 is not supported on g5 platforms:


Hence, why you probably installed an incorrect driver or a driver that is for a windows 2008x64.


In order to answer your question, it being a performance question, we'd need a bit more information -- what kind of disks are you using, does the p400 have a cache module, is the battery ok, etc. that the ADU report the colleague talked about will help us find out. 


Instructions on how to get an ADU report:


HP ACU (Array configuration Utility)

  • Once the program starts, you’d have 3 tabs in the top; the middle one is labeled “diagnose”, click on it
  • Then select the Smart Array Controller and choose “Array Diagnose Bericht erstellen”
  • Once you’ve saved the report, you can upload it to the topic

download link for the ACU:



Of course there are additional questions that require answers:


* what performance do you expect?

* have you ever achieved it?

* do you have a comparable platform which performs better?


I work for HP
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Re: Hp Smart Array P400 poor perfomance


We use 146Gb 10k rpm disks - HP DG146BAAJB .

P400 has a cacher module, but battery is in failed state. We wait for  a replacement. However i enabled caching back.

Report is attached to this post.


I don't know, was this issue persistent, but we have another DL380 g5 with WinServer 2012R2 and P400 in Raid1 mode. Disk perfomance on this server is 25% higher.

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Re: Hp Smart Array P400 poor perfomance

I would check from system management homepage if Native Command Queuing is supported and enabled and compare with the other system..

Hope this helps!

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