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Hp dl380 g4 (Hp smart start cd)

Occasional Contributor

Hp dl380 g4 (Hp smart start cd)

i have just downloaded the smart start cd the X64 verion 


and its boots and loads ok unstall it gets to the this page and it will not go further than this any help ? 


i am new to the hole server platform :) 



Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Hp dl380 g4 (Hp smart start cd)

oh, cool, for some reason it cannot start X it looks like..

8.50 is the latest smartstart, you could test with the 32-bit.

Another monitor might work, or if you disconnect the monitor and connect via iLO instead.


While you're in the console, do you see any errors in 'dmesg' or such?


link to download page for dl380 g4 

Occasional Advisor

Re: Hp dl380 g4 (Hp smart start cd)

For the DL380 G4,  it looks like you should be using : (627 MB) (605 MB)



I have not used this specific machine, and do not know which version of SmartStart you are running, but it looks like SmartStart CD failed to boot completely and dropped you into a limited linux shell.  You may be able to execute some linux commands, e.g. ls, cd, pwd, path, dmesg, etc., and may be even able to execute commands stored in the CD file system.  I would look to see if there is any help capability in the shell, e.g. by typing ? or help.


The SmartStart CD loads a small linux operating system and brings up a web server to display the management screens.  One known problem with some versions of SmartStart on some servers is that the web server will not come up properly if the first NIC (eth0) is not physically connected to a device and assigned an IP address (e.g. to a router with DHCP enabled).  Without NIC1 connected to a device, eth0 is not bound to an IP address, and the web server fails to (find its loopback IP address? and) come up properly, and thus either hangs or drops into a limited linux shell.


As a first try, plug NIC1 into a router with DHCP enabled, then boot SmartStart.