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Re: Hp proliant G5 disk don't work

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Hp proliant G5 disk don't work


I have a server HP Proliant DL380 G5. One of disks start showing a red light, then it didn't work any more. Automatically, the "D:" does not appear anymore. I tried to switch it with other disks, so I shut down the server and switched it. The bad disk still didn't work . Then I moved switched back the two disks into their original places but without shutting down the server, and then I lost the second disk two. However, when I move the disks and insert them again, it shows a quick flash with green. I want to know if anyone have an idea about the problem, what that these lights means, red and flash green, and if my disks are corrupted or not and if I can backup data on those disks.

Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Hp proliant G5 disk don't work

Sorry: This Disk is dead


If you Insert back, the Contoller try to bring it Online (short green LED), but if he can not, the Disk goes Offline and LED going red.


That was not planned in this way.