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Hyper-V USB on DL380p Gen8 with P420i Controler.

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Hyper-V USB on DL380p Gen8 with P420i Controler.

Hey Everyone,

So I am wondering if anyone has run into the same issue that I am having... also if they have found a fix? I have a HP DL380p Gen 8 Server, With P420i Raid Controller with 25 disks.

I am trying to setup and configure a Hyper-V USB Stick with HyperV Server 2016 core. I am looking to use to use storage spaces so I have set the 420i to hbamode so the OS can see the disks. ( Raid 0 and pass through do not work with out doing this it seems for this controller) However when I do this and boot the USB copy of HyperV I get the Inaccessible_boot_Device error on boot. Now I have added the Drivers for the P420i but this has also made no difference.

On a side note I also tried doing a direct install to a Hard disk and although the windows installer could see all the drives it would not install.. This is because the installer states none of the drives where bootable... So I am wondering if this is related to the above issue.

Now leaving the fact that I am playing with 2016 to the side for the moment and also keep in mind that I have of course had a poke about in the bios in relation to the above boot issue ( Fyi, Not really anything was found there to asssit )

Any one have any ideas ?