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Hyper V server on DL360 G5 with NC380T only 1 port working on NIC

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Hyper V server on DL360 G5 with NC380T only 1 port working on NIC

Hello, i seem to have some sort of driver isue with a dual port NIC NC380T in my DL360 G5.

Im running MS Hyper-V server R2 of the internal usb port. All is running well with the two onboard Nics.

So next i install a NC380T dual port Nic. Install the Drivers all ok and latest firmware. But for some reason it only showing port #2 as working. if i conect via remote device manager it shows one port with a yellow triangle and the error The device is not working properly because windows cannot load the drivers required for this device(code 31).

Both adaptors have the same drivers and same firmware. All the lights come on when conected. When i run NCU it only shows the two internal nics and port #2 on the NC380T.

Now ive tried the card in another machine with a std install of windows 2008 and all is well so its not the card.

Anyone have any idears about this one.

Many thanks

Leslie van der Hoek
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Re: Hyper V server on DL360 G5 with NC380T only 1 port working on NIC

whats the version of BXVBDA.SYS ?
What is the bios version of the machine?
Other driver and firmware version?
Do you have BXVBDX.SYS on that server?

what version was the other 2008 where it worked? 64,32bits etc

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Re: Hyper V server on DL360 G5 with NC380T only 1 port working on NIC

are you using a firewall something symantec end point if so in devmanager disable tefer 2 driver

This issue occurs when teefer2 driver is installed on a ProLiant Server running Microsoft Windows. Symantec Endpoint Protection 11 includes some new features as Firewall, Intrusion Prevention, Proactive Threat Scanning and Device Application Control. By default it will install the Teefer2 driver.
servers running symantec endpoint
Device Manager / Show Hidden Devices
DISABLE the Teefer2 driver for the active NICs
(note, this will kill network communication)
Run the NCU
Create, configure and commit the TEAM
When the team is built, it creates a new virtual NIC
This new virtual NIC will get the TEEFER2 Driver as well (which is ok)

Remove/disable the tefer2 from the dev manager

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Re: Hyper V server on DL360 G5 with NC380T only 1 port working on NIC

Hello leslie

Bios Is P58 7/10/2009 on the server.
Drivers for Nc380T although if i use remote device manager its showing up as

I can find the BXVBDA.SYS files its
Carnt see the BXVBDX.SYS file

It worked ok on a win 2k8r2 x64 server.

mark if i remote conect to device manager, read only i carnt find any ref to a teefer2 drivers, might have to do it some manual way from the command prompt on the hyper v server. There is now AV or other products installed on the hyper V server apart from PSP8.3.

Also when i reinstalled hyper v on a new USB with the card in place this time it found all the ports corectly. So im wondering if you have to install all hardware first before the OS install.