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I can't my proliant 800 booted up

Shawn Louis
Occasional Visitor

I can't my proliant 800 booted up

lights come on but nothing happens on screen the video card is fine I tried it in a different PC and it works. I would like to install Linux on this server. This server was running Win 2000 ad Server and suddenly stopped working. I need help guys.
Sigi J
Valued Contributor

Re: I can't my proliant 800 booted up

1) did you wait long enough? After powering on, th P800 needs several seconds (10 to 15?, i do not remember exactly how long) just before anything appears on screen.

If it does not work send more details, please:
Is the CPU working? Do harddrives spin up? Maybe it's a problem with the CPU, did you already try another CPU?