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I have dead ML530, so plz a quick solution

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I have dead ML530, so plz a quick solution

Hi there,
the dead server I have was ML530G2 have 4 HDD (2*36 &2*72)and it contain important data in oracle, and the server did not contain any raid controller, but the 2 scsi channel connected to the integrated scsi controller.and I think(that these server configured in software miror)

so I make 2 steps to make these data accessible:

1. connected the 4 hard disk in working ML350G4 have 642 smart array controller, so in the ACU I have found there are 1 array have one partition size 32GB in raid 0+1, but the 2 other 72GB was not in the array, so i tried to boot from these hard disks but it failed.

2. then connect the same 4HDD in another working ML530G2 have 642smart array and the same thing so i reconnect the 2 scsi channel to the integrated scsi controller so the ACU can't detect any thing but it also can't boot from these HDD, and tried many times by booting with its original HDD and reconnect the 4HDD in the smart array, but it failed also.

and i have posted an previuose thread about how can i decide if the problem in the MB or the integrated VGA controller, and all its slot was PCI-X, they replay on me that its backword compatible with convetional PCI cards,so i tried that but all PCI cards that available in our market here are 5V thats can't be installed in the PCI-X slots.

plz I need a quick solution because we need the data in these HDD's, or is there any other technique that enable us to take image or buckup of these HDD and store it away, so we can format these HDD and reuse with the same buckuped data after we cofigured it in a new raid configuration.
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Re: I have dead ML530, so plz a quick solution

You can use Norton Ghost to take an image of the disk or you can copy the data to a spare disk.

1. Install the server disk as a slave disk in some Win2000/XP PC.
2. Use xcopy.exe with the appropriate switches to copy the
server partition to the primary active partition of a spare disk.
Make sure to copy all hidden and system files.
3. Install the spare disk in your server, then reboot it with your
Win2000 server CD to get into the Recovery Console.
4. Run the commands fixboot and fixmbr to restore your
boot environment.
5. Boot the server with this spare disk. If it works flawlessly
then you know that you have successfully cloned your
server disk.
6. Repartition the original server disk on the Win2000/XP PC,
then use the same process as above to restore the system.
Oleg Koroz
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Re: I have dead ML530, so plz a quick solution

Whenever drive configured with Array Controller, you need to use Array Controller and rely on the roaming if you adding or boot in the Primary slot (all others HDD out). If you used Onboard SCSI controller, you need to connect to Regular SCSI controller (or onboard). Mirrored might be better to divide for test. If you believe it should boot from Sw RAID, had you swap boot order (controllers) from bios. ACU won't see drives connected to Regular SCSI controller. If you have one server up and running connect one drive from mirrored set to Onboard SCSI and import from O/S new Drive, see if that help to access to data. How they were configured 36 x 2 Primary set or 72 x 2 where is Data?