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IDE Hard Disk Drives on a Proliant 2500

Bob Yeager
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IDE Hard Disk Drives on a Proliant 2500

I want to place an IDE RAID card (0,1,0+1) in my 2500 and 2 250 GB HDD's in raid 1 (mirrored).

Will this work? Has anyone done it?

When I turn the IDE's on (they are in removable storage trays) and reboot, it want's to boot from the IDE's. The OS is on the SCSI. I want to keep the OS on the SCSI's and data on the IDE's.

I am quite confident I could partition the IDE to have a primary (boot) and secondary partition, just like the compaq array configurator. But that is plan B.

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Re: IDE Hard Disk Drives on a Proliant 2500


The nature of IDE is that it will always boot first over SCSI. You may be able to use a boot loader to handle this or maybe you can change/disable the IDE bios on the card you are going to use, but this is just the way it works.

To top it off, the ProLiant 2500 has little to no support in the bios to help you in this. If the IDE RAID card could be identified to the system as a SCSI card, you may be able to set the "Boot Controller Order".
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