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IDE emulation of SATA CD-ROMs

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IDE emulation of SATA CD-ROMs

Hi All,


We have two servers with ESXi installed. One has an IDE CD-ROM and is able to be mounted within ESXi. However, the DL380 G6 with a SATA CD-ROM cannot be mounted at all. I have read that the CD-ROM must be in IDE emulation mode. Where in the BIOS can I set that. I can only see one entry in PCI devices to do with SATA and disabling that causes the CD-ROM to not be able to be detected at all.


Thanks in advance,



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Re: IDE emulation of SATA CD-ROMs

I have seen IDE emulation mode in 100 series server, but not sure about 300 series


In the RBSU just check for Sata Mode Selection , you should find enhanced and compatible , In comaptible mode the sata controller disables both AHCI and raid funtions and runs in the IDE emulation mode

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Goutham Sabala
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Re: IDE emulation of SATA CD-ROMs

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According to this, the problem I am having with the ESXi 5.0 not recognising the CD-ROM is because it is the TEAC DV-28S-V with revision C.0F. Will have to upgrade the firmware.


Also, I do not see anywhere in the BIOS (even after upgrading to 05/05/2011 which is the latest) where one can change the SATA mode (as can be done on a regular desktop machine).


Anyone know where I can get later firmware and how to apply it to the TEAC?


I can't find anywhere on the HP Business support site for firmware for this particular model. I can only find firmware for the DV-28EC-*** series TEAC optical drives. Google search for DV-28S-V returns DELL links to with firmware updates for that particular drive used in their poweredge servers. Which one would be the safest to use? The HP ones or the DELL ones?





Re: IDE emulation of SATA CD-ROMs

Another option is to use iLO virtual media to present the media to the host OS

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Re: IDE emulation of SATA CD-ROMs

Unfortunately, we cannot use iLO virtual media as we don't have a licence for the advanced features as this is a test machine.