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ILO 2 Loosing connection? Droping media?

Damon Kashtiban
Occasional Visitor

ILO 2 Loosing connection? Droping media?


pair of DL 580 G5 Servers (2)
I am at Firmware revision 1.5 on one box
and at Firmaware revision 1.4 on one box

I have two DL 580 G5's and for some reason when I got to attach media on my barebone server, it attach's the media and within 2 minuites into the splash screen of the media or into the install of the media it looses media connection or I will loose the webpage login or If i disconnect on purpose it wont let me re-connect the behavoir is exactly the same on both machines! I dont know why it terminates connectivity, I am connecting from my computer isolated to a RDP and from DRP into the ILO to the Server......

My ILO log files says "Excessive network delay while communicating with virtual CD-ROM. " as the error message and I have recieved "package error" messages as well..

Any tips? I am kind of stuck