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ILO 2 and RDP

peter hollis_1
Occasional Advisor

ILO 2 and RDP

I started some testing this weekend to connect to one of my servers through it's ILO card and open a remote console. All went fine and as expected.

When using RDP in windows 2003 to connect to antoher server, the shift and capslock key do not get transmitted (Works on the ILO session)
so keys like $ and capital letters are not passed. VNC works fine.
If I press ALT-w then a capital W is passed but it is impossible to send things like $ or _

Anyone come across this before?
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: ILO 2 and RDP

Do you mean the HP Rapid Deployment Pack remote control or Remote Desktop Protocol (terminal services)?
Honored Contributor

Re: ILO 2 and RDP


I think you mean Windows Remote Desktop.

Same problem :





"After successfully making a remote desktop connection (using XP) I sometimes find that the Shift and Ctrl keys no longer work. If I goof around a bit with the Ctrl key on another screen the use of the Shift and Ctrl keys returns. Then after a while they stop working again."


Language & Regional settings are also important too....

That's what I found, hope something helps :)

Honored Contributor

Re: ILO 2 and RDP

Hi again,

if this helps , you are not alone :)


If I have read right, Microsoft is researching the issue....

peter hollis_1
Occasional Advisor

Re: ILO 2 and RDP

Yes sorry, it is the remote desktop.

Regional settings are all spot on.

Gonna build some keyboard scripts for the time being.

Thanks all.