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ILO 3 Console showing 8.3 character filenames

Fark Mortier
Occasional Contributor

ILO 3 Console showing 8.3 character filenames

Hello everyone.... 

I have a DL580 G7 with the latest ROM (P65 04/21/2018) and ILO 3 firmware (1.89 7-Jul-2017) installed.

Using the console, I create a new "Virtual Drive" using a folder that I mapped to a network share.  (ie:  z:\ is now mapped to "\\fileserver\sharename".  The process seems to work well up to this point, and the server O/S (windows 2012 r2) shows it as D:\.

From the command line, I type "dir".  All of the filename are in 8.3 character format in captial letters.

I detached the "Virtual Drive", and then made another virtual drive on my local disk drive with the same files.  This time when I type "Dir", the filenames are correct.

Quite odd..... any suggestions?