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ILO 3 Issue

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ILO 3 Issue

I'm looking for ILO 3 Reset methods; here is the situation, We are having a problem where when our Security department runs a security scan, many of our ILO 3's stop responding.  I know this is a FW issue and I need to get them all to FW version 1.26 or later.  But in the mean time I need to get the failed ones working.  What we have been doing is using the ILO Configuration utility or CLI on the server, or power off and pull the power if the server is hung or ILO software not loaded.  Is there another way to reset the ILO from the network. The ILO still pings, you just can't get to it via http (s)..


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Re: ILO 3 Issue



You may reset the iLO3 using HPONCFG, IPMI tools, ILO CLI and XML Scripts over the network.


Please refer to iLO3 user guide for more info:


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Re: ILO 3 Issue



You may also follow the below steps to reset ILO 3.


Resetting iLO 3:

In rare instances, it might be necessary to reset iLO 3; for example, if iLO 3 is not responding to the browser.


  1. To reset iLO 3, you must power down the server and disconnect the power supplies completely.


2. The HP Insight Management Agents 5.40 and later have the ability to reset iLO 3. To reset iLO 3, choose one of the following options:


  • Select the Reset iLO 3 option on the HP Management Agent web page under the iLO 3 section.


  • Click Apply on the Network Settings page to manually force the iLO 3 management processor to reset. You do not need to change any parameters before clicking Apply.


  • Click Reset on the Diagnostic page of the iLO 3 browser interface.


Taken from below HP Guided Troubleshooting:


Go to Setup and Installation> Next>  iLO 3 Maintenance (Firmware upgrade, Recovery and Reset)


Below articles might help you:



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