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ILO IP's not pinging

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ILO IP's not pinging

I have 4 HP DL380 G7 servers and having same issue on all servers. ILO IP's are not pingable. All are configured correctly and set to Autodetect network option. Data center guys told me there is green Light glowing on all servers on ILO NICS But network team is saying IP's never logined after reserching the switch. Don't know which causing issue.  Please guide

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Re: ILO IP's not pinging

The G7 models use ILO 3, so they wouldn't have that Heartbleed scanning vulnerability problem of ILO 1 and 2.


My best advice would be to either use the ILO config util if the server is running Windows... it queries the ILO directly (not over the network) so it might give you more info.


The other suggestion would be to hook up keyboard and monitor and boot it up and F8 at the ILO prompt and check the status directly from there.  If these servers are in a remote datacenter you'll need someone to do that for you which can be difficult to arrange sometimes (or expensive... "remote hands" service for even the simplest thing like that can be costly).


Since the ILO net port shows green, then it's probably working properly.  If I had to guess, I'd say it doesn't have the IP address you expected it to, or it's not setup to use DHCP or not getting the DHCP address for some reason.


I'm one of those people who refuses to use DHCP for any server because that's just adding a point of failure... it makes changing things more difficult if you ever need to, but hopefully changes like that are rare.