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ILO Lost Admin password

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ILO Lost Admin password

 Hi Everybody,

this evening I made an enormous blunder, trying to change my ILO password.

Using a keepass DB I've generate a 249bits (64Ch.) alpha numeric password.

On ILO4 (firmware 2.50) WebUI, I copy/past this password on my Administrator Account without any error.

Happy ! I logged out and tried to log on again.

Unfortunately the 249bits password is not accept.

My server is a small business HP Proliant mini server Gen 8, running CentOS7.

Please do you have any solution to help me ?

Kind regards


Re: ILO Lost Admin password


Generic way for any scenario:

#Log into CentOS
sudo -i
yum install epel-release
yum install ipmitool
modprobe ipmi_si ipmi_msghandler ipmi_devintf #actual modules may vary, this is what usualy works for me, consult man ipmitool for options
ipmitool user set name 2 <username>
ipmitool user set password 2 <your_password>
ipmitool user enable 2
ipmitool user priv 2 4
#This might be enough, try to log into webUI with new credentials, if doesn't work proceed with following
ipmitool channel info <channel_number> # try channel number 0,1,2 and so on until you stumble upon LAN channel, on the hardware we're using it's usually number 2
ipmitool channel setaccess <your_channel_number> 2 callin=on ipmi=on link=on privilege=4
#Log into WebUI with new credentials

Your case:

As far as I understand ipmi stores passwords either 16, or 20 bytes long, so you can try to calculate how many characters your password actually consists of.

Also you can use
ipmitool user list
to find out user id for your user and then change password with
ipmitool user set password <user_id> <new_password>

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Re: ILO Lost Admin password


thanks a lot for your solution.

I can reset Administrator's password using ipmitool, that's great ;-)

So now I will configure a second Administrator User and I will take many cares choosing the passwords !

Another time thanks a lot for your very helpfull post !!!

(An happy sysadmin)

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Hello House,

Please, I am having a challenge resetting administrator password on our HP Proliant ML30 running windows 10. Please, we forgot the admin password and have a lot of things and softwares running on the server which we wont want to delete. Please, what is the way out?