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ILO Port

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ILO Port

I have ML 350, i see on it heve ILO port,
What it iLO ? ILO is doing ?
thanh alot.
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Re: ILO Port

ILO is a small microcontroller in the server, which is running even when the server is powered off. It stops only when you pull all the power cables out. The microcontroller can even command the server to reset, power off or power on. You can also remotely access the server's display and keyboard through the ILO controller.

If the server crashes or has hardware problems, you can connect to the server through ILO, command the server to restart and then watch the BIOS messages to see what kind of maintenance is needed. This is very useful if the server is in a faraway location.

The ILO network port is for remote management of the server: if you connect to the ILO port, you can access the server through ILO. However, the programs running in the server cannot make connections through the ILO network port.

When the server is booting, ILO will prompt you to press a key (F8, I think) to change ILO settings. From there, you can set up network addresses, usernames and passwords for ILO connection. For operating systems that allow text-based access (Linux, SCO Unix and such like) this is all you need to be able to manage your server remotely. If you need graphics-based remote access, you need to install ILO drivers for your OS to be able to control the OS remotely through ILO.

Go to, type "Proliant ML350" and search for support information for your exact model. You'll find the instructions to use ILO in there.
Edgar Zapata
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Re: ILO Port

iLO stands for integrated Lights-Out.
you should have a TAG attached to your ML350 stating the iLO's interface MAC address.

plug on end of a UTP wire to your iLO interface and the other end to a switch.

From any workstation type http://iLO-MAC-address and after validating, you'll be able to see the interface that will let you operate and use all the features Matti has perfectly explained. Thanks Matti, I liked your explanation a lot.

Sivakumar TS
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Re: ILO Port

Hi ak47 !

Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) offers remote server management through an independent management processor (MP). It provides a way for you to connect to a server and perform administration or monitoring
tasks for the server hardware. iLO is available whenever the system is connected to a power source, even if the server main power switch is in the off position.
iLO controls power, reset, and Transfer of Control (TOC) capabilities; provides console access; displays and records system events; and can display detailed information about the various internal subsystems. iLO also provides a virtual front panel that you can use to monitor system status and see the state of front panel LEDs. All iLO functions are available through the server LAN and the local RS-232 and remote RS-232 ports. Access to local and remote ports, telnet, and secure shell (SSH) is through the iLO text interface, while Webaccess is through a graphical user interface (GUI).

Go thru this doc...

Hope this helps.


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