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ILO Remote Console Error

Mike Guest
Occasional Visitor

ILO Remote Console Error


I'm trying to use ILO on our BL20P (G1/2/3) servers.

Workstation: XP SP1, Java 1.4.2_05, IE 6.0 SP1
Servers: wide variety of ILO firmware revisions, up to 1.7.5, Windows 2003.

The problem I'm having is that, whilst I'm capable of getting a remote console gui session from the server using the management port on the front of the blade, any attempt to use remote console over the network produces the attached error.

:: Integrated Lights-Out has detected an error:
::Error Message: Object does not support this property or method
::File Name: https://ILOip/drcframe.htm
::Line Nymber: 155

Using the ILO web funtionality (including virtual on-off buttons) works fine, it's just remote control that seems to be the issue

Sounds a bit networky, but i've confirmed that I can get ports 80, 443 (web-based ILO login works) and 23 (can telnet to the server, but immediately get disconnected - logon timeout of about a second) to connect. Latency on a ping is 2-300ms

Mike Guest
Occasional Visitor

Re: ILO Remote Console Error


Thanks in advance