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ILO Remote Console over internet

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ILO Remote Console over internet

Hello everybody


I'm Jonathan and i work as a student in an small enterprise who uses two servers HP Proliant (ML 350 & DL 380, both in gen8).


I configured the ILO and in the lan i'm able to lauch the remote console desktop via the web interface (.net and java) but when i try to do it over internet i doesn't lauch it (publicIp:forwardedPort). Actually it doesn't do anything than the web service. So i have all the information about the servers but i can't connect to them.


My firewall is a fortinet i port forwarded those ports to my ILO (for each server):

22, 17990, 80, 443, 17988, 161, 162, 623, 23, 3389, 9300 3002.


but it still not working ...


Have you a clue ?


Thank you ;)




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Re: ILO Remote Console over internet

I know that in an tech fasion I'm not answering your question but your setup could cause a high paid "security guru" to shovel a lot of critizism your way :) Some credible, most BS. Fortinet can do very elegant VPN. Why not do that and forget about figuring out the ports; those will depend on whether you use the java client; the active-x or the .net one based on the iLO you happened to own; license for the advance feature; etc


If you are bent on doing port forwarding I would wire shark an inside session and then copy whatever ports you see being used to the fortinet port forwarding setup

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Re: ILO Remote Console over internet

Thanks for your answer.


The VPN idea is, to me, a very good one.


I'll talk with my boss but, for everything, i'll be easier to implement that vpn because we have a lot of virtual machine to access. It's better than PublicIp+port.


Otherwise i'll scan with wirehshark.