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ILO Shared Port Speeds for DL380 G4/G5

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ILO Shared Port Speeds for DL380 G4/G5


I am trying to find some information on the shared NIC port used for ILO ILO 2, our network runs at 1000/Full and it would appear that the ILO's only RUN at 100/Full does that mean i need to change the switch ports to 100/Full for the ILO to work.

As far as i can see they do not support 1000/FULL.

Is that corrcet??

Mark Matthews
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Re: ILO Shared Port Speeds for DL380 G4/G5

Yes iLO2 ports only run at 10 or 100Mb/s.

However some servers have a new Shared Network Port feature that allows you to access the iLO through one of the onboard NICs.

This should let you stay at 1Gb/s and no need for a seperate management network / vlan.

Details as follows...

# Shared Network Port - On selected ProLiant server models, iLO 2 supports network connectivity through a new high-speed shared connection via one of the embedded system NICs. Shared network port provides full accessibility to all iLO 2 functions including browser, Virtual Media and Virtual KVM in graphic mode. iLO 2 maintains a unique IP address and MAC allowing the network controller to route iLO 2 and host data correctly. With the new Shared Network Port, out-of-band management and production data can share the same wire eliminating the separate network connection for each server.

I've never actually used this or set it up by the way, so you'll have to do your own research.


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rick jones
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Re: ILO Shared Port Speeds for DL380 G4/G5

In this day and age folks shouldn't be running hardcoded ports anyway. And GbE is required to have autoneg enabled as part of the spec. Any GbE kit that cannot correctly autonegotiate is fundamentally broken and should be repaired, replaced or returned.
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