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ILO access - ML110, SBS2011, dual nics


ILO access - ML110, SBS2011, dual nics

I'm trying to get access to the iLO port on a server (remotely) but can't get access to it unless I enable the adapter within Windows.


I don't want to enable this as the other nic is already set up to be used for the SBS server and I don't want the server to have 2 nics enabled in a single nic config (without isa) for obvious reasons.


Anyone know how to configure iLO so that I can use the iLO as a dedicated NIC for iLO access only but not have it enabled in Windows? 


The only way I can get access to iLO is if I set it as a shared port and then enable it within Windows.


I attached a screenshot to help explain.



Jimmy Vance

Re: ILO access - ML110, SBS2011, dual nics

The ML110 has 2 NIC ports and an optional dedicated port for iLO. What is shown in your attachment is the 2 NIC ports which someone has renamed in Windows as SBS and iLO. The iLO dedicated port does not display under windows networking as the OS doesn't have direct access to the iLO hardware. If you do not have the optional dedicated iLO port installed, iLO must be used in shared port mode. When in shared mode, iLO and NIC port 1 are shared.  I'm guessing you don't have the dedicated port. To get things working in shared mode and only use 1 NIC port you will need to tranfer the settings under the port labeled SBS to the port labeled iLO. Disable the SBS port and enable the port labeled iLO. (I'd also suggest renaming the ports to something like Port1 and Port2 to stop any confusion).

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