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ILO crashes Server 2008 R2


ILO crashes Server 2008 R2

Brand new DL160 G6 with ILO Advanced license installed.


Installing windows with USB thumb drive plugged into the server (NOT remote media) and using the KVM console of the ILO Advanced feature set.  Something I've done a hundred times before with no problems.

Problem-- installing Windows using the remote keyboard and mouse, the server crashes repeatedly.  Can't even get through installation.


However-- if I plug in a monitor, keyboard and mouse directly into the chassis and install Windows that way, it succeeds.


I've flashed firmware updates on every piece of hardware for which HP made a download available for this model. 


Still no success.  If I use the ILO KVM console, the server crashes-- sometimes within seconds, other times within a few minutes. 


BSOD stop code is:  0x00000124, which indicates a (non-specific) hardware error.


Platform event log shows several of these:   CPU2_CATERR


Does this look/smell/taste/sound like a bad CPU, or could that error be masking a different problem?



Oscar A. Perez
Honored Contributor

Re: ILO crashes Server 2008 R2

Just to clarify. That system doesn't have iLO, it has a LO100. Two completely different Management Processors.


I'm assuming your LO100 has the latest firmware version 4.25 and the Management driver is the latest version 1.4 as well/

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Re: ILO crashes Server 2008 R2

Correct, latest firmware, LO100.


The server crashed twice this morning, same error, without using KVM.  Platform event log recorded CPU2_CATERR at each crash, so I'm thinking this is a CPU problem.


I'm going to remove CPU2 and see if the problems all go away.


In your experience, is that more indicative of a CPU or motherboard problem?  (or too indeterminate to say?)