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Re: ILO vs ICE

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Hi guys, 


Can anyone explain me whats the difference between the two? How does the two works?








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Hazem Bahgat
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Re: ILO vs ICE

Hi there,


iLo is a management Processor that resides on each HP server, in the proliant enviroment it is called iLo, we have iLo 4 now in Gen 8 Servers.

iLo is responsiable for monitor, management, and provisioning of one single server, you will find that Hardware sensors report thier status (health and Performance) to the iLO, you can Provision (setup) your sever using your IP (Intelligent Provisioniong), you can manage the Power of your server through iLo, you can manage the p-State of your CPU using the iLo.


ICE is a different thing, in some days of HP Life, there was acourse that refered to the word ICE that was explaining ICE to be the applications that are used for installing your server.


But the Correct info is that: ICE is the Insight control Enviroment, which consists of the HP SIM (System Insight Manager) Application + some plugins like PMP (performance Management Pack), IPM (Insight Power Management0, RDP (Rapoid deployment Pack)........, which is a Monitoring, Management, and deployement solution


So at the end the iLo is considered to be a separate Management processor on your server used for one single server, while ICE is an application running on OS that can Monitor, manage and deploy multiple servers.


Ilo is a single distributed solution per server, ICE is a Centralized management solution.


Kindly don't hesitate to contact e for more information if you need

Best Regards and Appreciation,
Hazem Bahgat

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