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ILO100 serial console PXE boot problem

Ken Green

ILO100 serial console PXE boot problem

Has anyone found a way to get an ML110G6 to boot from PXE using the serial console.

On the systems keyboard or via the graphical ILO interface you can use F12, on the serial console you are supposed to use Esc @, this works fine on the ILO2 in my DL320G5 and DL380G5 boxes. The manual says it should be Esc @ but I can't get it to work.

Neither can I get to enter setup via Esc 8, which I'm less concerned with currently.


Any seen this issue or got any suggestions.



The ILO firmware reports as fwversion=4.21


/./map1/firmware/-> show /map1/firmware fwversion