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ILO2 ActiveDirectory (default) Authentication

Occasional Advisor

ILO2 ActiveDirectory (default) Authentication


I want to use the Active Directory for ILO-Authentication. I don`t use the HP schema extension, but the default AD schema.

I have configured a distinguished name under the "directory user context" and the same under "administer groups". At the test settings I got the following results:
Test Description Status
Ping Directory Server Passed
Directory Server IP Address Not run
Directory Server DNS Name Passed
Connect to Directory Server Passed
Connect using SSL Passed
Certificate of Directory Server Passed
Bind to Directory Server Not run
Directory Administrator login Not run
User Authentication Failed
User Authorization Not run
Directory User Context 1 Not run
Directory User Context 2 Not run
Directory User Context 3 Not run
LOM Object exists Not run
LOM Object password Not run

What is wrong with my configuration.
Isn my DN Syntax corect or my UPN? :
DC=Domainname,DC=LOCAL or
In the documetation I have had seen the following syntax:
O=Domainname,O=LOCAL but this isn`t working too!

Some suggestion?