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ILO2 - "Server reset", "Server Power removed"

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ILO2 - "Server reset", "Server Power removed"

Hello everyone,

After BIOS update of ML370 G5, OS - ESX 3.5, version: 2008.11.01 (9 Dec 2008) the server behaiviour seems to be strange. The server is beeing unexpectedly powered off and in order to start i must try a couple of times(2-3)till the server boots.
then in ILO Log there is 2 messages: "Server reset", "Server Power removed" and the fans are working with a full speed;

Any ideas?
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Re: ILO2 - "Server reset", "Server Power removed"

To be more precise, i must mention, that the same issue has already happend on december. Then I provided a BIOS Update - 2008.09.29 (23 Oct 2008)and the issue was gone. The server worked perfect almost 6 months.

The last week I've decided to provide a new Firmware update 2008.11.01 (9 Dec 2008). After that the old issue apears again...