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ILO3 Aggregator / Appliance..?


ILO3 Aggregator / Appliance..?



I appreciate this isn't directly a question about ILO3 technology on servers, however I can't think of a better place to ask than the forums that HP ProLiant users frequent!


We currently use Avocent MergePoint devices to aggregate a large number of ILO2 devices. The problem is that ILO3 doesn't seem to work properly on the MergePoints and I can't see any information from Avocent about future support for them.. and I'm loathed to get in touch with them as their salesmen are slimy and persistent!


Has anyone got any advise on similar products?


Thanks in advance.

Abhishek Bangalore
Frequent Advisor

Re: ILO3 Aggregator / Appliance..?

It require more research could you please elaborate on the issue...
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