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ILO3 Firmware update crashed server

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ILO3 Firmware update crashed server

Hi Guys,


I thought I'd share this as I found it bizzare that it could happen.


I was updating firmware on ILO3 on DL380 Gen7. The Firmware update stalled at 1%. After about 30 minutes I tried resetting the ILO, and it did not reset, but update jumped to 9% and stayed there.


After about an hour the server crashed. It's running Esxi 5.1. All the VMs stopped responding and there was a purple crash screen on server console.


I don't know how an ILO update through the ILO web interface could crash the server - yet that is what happened.


I have since found that I needed to load an intermediate ILO FW version before loading the latest. Server was on 1.26 and I tried jumping to 1.61. That is the one that stalled and crashed the server.


After crash I powered off server using power button. It then went into a strange cycle of powering itself on for a few seconds (green lights) and then off (orange lights). All the while the UID Indicator light was flashing blue - indicating that ILO firmware was still "flashing".


I had to pull the server power cords for a few seconds till the lights went off and then plug them in. Server started up OK.


I flashed ILO to 1.28 and then to 1.61 without issue. I kept the VMs off while doing this incase there was a repeat. Thankfully all went OK. The VMs came up OK after too.


Just a warning about what can happen if flash goes wrong!