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Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor


When booting up Windows 2000, I get this error:

STOP: 0x00000007B

I checked Microsoft's web site for the problem and it indicated that I need to upgrade to the latest BIOS revision. However, I've already upgrade the ML350's firmware to 11/13/00 which was instructed by the installation of the LC2 RAID controller. The LC2 seems to be causing this problem. I also noticed that when the LC2 is installed in the machine, the BIOS is missing a section. The following items are missing:

Under the 'Advanced' tab:
Embedded Devices
ISA Slot IRQ Reservation
PCI IRQ Configuration
IRQ Summary

These are missing when the LC2 is installed. I have the machine configured the following way:

- One Processor
- 12/24GB (attached to the onboard 1st channel of the Ultra2 SCSI controller
- 128MB upgrade (256MB Total)
- LC2 RAID Controller (Slot 4)
- PCI Modem (Slot 5)
- Three 18.2GB NonHot Plug HDD (Set to SCSI 0,1,2) off LC2 Controller configured RAID 5

Has anyone else had this problem? Am I doing something wrong? Is there a more recent version of the ROM BIOS? Is there a ROM to update specifically for the LC2 controller? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Harminder Brar
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor


Might try updating the LC2 with this kit:

Options ROMPaq