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IP won't let me choose size of partition


IP won't let me choose size of partition

Hi forum,


I'm trying to install Server 2012 R2 through ILO/Intelligent Provisioning (IP). I took an ISO image from HPs DVD, that was enclosed with my ML150 Gen9. This DVD is labeled as "Server Recovery Disk". ILO setup is working in general, but the problem is that I cannot select the size of the volume, Windows Server should use. I would like to restrict it to 30GB (it will be a Hyper-V host core). But IP crosses over that part of Windows setup, where the user is asked for the volume size. IP simply uses the whole RAID volume. 


Unfortunately other setup variants are not applicable, since the server has no DVD drive and I cannot get it to boot from an USB flash drive.


What am I doing wrong?


Thanks and regards,



Re: IP won't let me choose size of partition

After some more googling I found other comments which state, that this cannot be bypassed. Since nobody wants a C: drive of hundreds of Gigabytes Intelligent Provisioning is sorted out as a mean to install Windows Server. There's a problem now:


a) no DVD drive

b) I tried booting from several USB flash drives and from different USB ports - does not work

c) Intelligent Prosivioning does not allow partition sizing


Serious - how do you get an OS onto these machines???


Please help!




Re: IP won't let me choose size of partition

Ahh, didn't see the wood for the trees. Of course there is another option: Use an ISO, placed on any computer, mount it as virtual media via ILO. And then don't press F10 for Intelligent Provisioning, simply press F11 for boot menu and select your (virtual) DVD drive and boot from it.