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Re: IPMI reboots DL360

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Re: IPMI reboots DL360


@SSaraga - your issue is not the same as the one discussed here.

@fabio_s - Yes the hotfix applies for your system.
This is driver update. This version solves the /PAE problem. Previous version can fix your problem. Since this is the main difference between SP1 and SP2(the storport version) and the 0xd2 - according MS - SCSI related problems. Further you can check under affected OS's that there is a hotfix for x64 too, although /PAE is not applicapable for 64-bit systems.

The other difference between SP1 & SP2 is the Scalable networking pack(SNP) which makes bluescreens and a lot of problems, there is a hotfix from MS to disable it(disables TOE&RSS).

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Re: IPMI reboots DL360

@Blazhe - We have been receiving this error in the IML logs "An Unrecoverable System Error has occurred (Error code 0x0000002D, 0x00000000)" To correct it we replaced the memory, the p400 controller with the cache module on it and the motherboard. Because this server was not yet hosted in production we were able to allow the HP tech to replace the parts in an order that would allow us to pinpoint the issue. So he put in a new motherboard but in the end the original hardware was in place except the motherboard when the issue finally became stable. The server has now been stable for enough time that we feel that issue is likely resolved, but we will keep monitoring it because initially the issue would only occur 1-4 times a month, but recently it has been throwing BSODs nightly until we replaced the motherboard.

HP support felt initially that this was not a hardware issue because all the diagnostics were not reporting errors.

I would recommend that if you have IML logs "An Unrecoverable System Error has occurred (Error code 0x0000002D, 0x00000000)" occurring that you request the replacement of the motherboard. In our case we were able to keep the original memory sticks but it is possible that the issue could be solely in the memory sticks or the slots or both.
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Re: IPMI reboots DL360

my server is DL785 G5.
My system log showed the reason code: 0xa000000

it has happened in the last 3 months

The ILO2 logs shows the following : "BMC IPMI Watchdog Timer Timeout: Action=System Power Reset

Did anyone resolve this issue??
Daniel Arrieta
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Re: IPMI reboots DL360

The "BMC IPMI Watchdog Timer Timeout: Action=System Power Reset." issue is solved within windows 2003 if you apply the following:

iLO firmware to 1.78 using link below:

iLO management driver version using link below:

a reboot needs to be done so that these changes take effect, errors should stop coming up a few hours after fix is successfully applied

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Re: IPMI reboots DL360

I installed ILO 2 Management Controller Driver 1.12 and ILO 2 Firmware 1.8 but the server still encounter ASR reboot. Any clue ?

many thanks

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Re: IPMI reboots DL360

Any updates to this. I'm having this issue on a DL380 G5 that's part of a cluster. Has HP determined what's the cause?
Nick Gyorfi
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Re: IPMI reboots DL360


We have been having the same problem for months now, every couple of weeks the server reboots for no reason.

Last night we updated our ML350 G5, firmware 3.70 and smartstart 8.30.

today, our server has rebooted twice already, so....
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Re: IPMI reboots DL360

We have the same problem with two Proliant ML350 g5. Both rebooting instantly without clear cause. Databases are not turned off before shutdown, something I really not like.

Our monitor system tells us:

Hardware status;WARNING;SOFT;1;WARNING - fan 1 (system) is not ok, fan 3 (system) is not ok, System: 'proliant ml350 g5',

We did the test, with a similar testmachine.
When you unplug the fan manually, the system will reboot instantly. Maybe due overheating or self-protection against it.

We contact HP support and they will visit and help us with a firmware update. Hope this will help. Again, abnormal restarts is the main cause of database corruption. Our company relies on those databases.

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Re: IPMI reboots DL360


also you can disable server restart from computer > properties > advanced system >system startup and properties > disable server restart tab from system failure. But its not advisable for server. Since servers need to connect through remote access. If server hanged by any software or hardware issue, you can't restart through remotely if disable the ASR.