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IRQ settings for DL380s, and 360's

Tony Dodd
Occasional Contributor

IRQ settings for DL380s, and 360's

It is several years since I build servers. I now find myself responsible for the hardware build of a load of servers DL380s and 360s.

Last time I was in this position, I manually assigned the IRQs in acordance with a Netware document I found. Something about IRQ 10, 11, 12 being of higher priority than 3,5,7 and so disks should be given 10, 11, or 12.

I am now building Win2003 servers and my coleuges dont seem to care about IRQs. They say its all plug and play and not to worry about it.

Does anyone have a view on this at all ?
Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: IRQ settings for DL380s, and 360's

Hi Tony;

We don't recommend hard-locking resources in the ProLiant configuration.

In fact on the newer generation servers it can't be done - if you change the settings they will go back to default on reboot of the server.

The debate about IRQ allocations in NetWare rages on, but here's my opinion:

Since NetWare 5.1, the OS was designed to accommodate shared IRQs. I am familiar with the documentation you mentioned - it's pretty old.

The ProLiant BIOS configuration is engineered to allocate resources in the best manner possible according to the OS you are using. That's why it asks you to specify your Operating System Environment.

I'm with your colleagues - if you have the correct OS environment selected in the BIOS, regardless of which one it is, that's all you need to do.


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Tony Dodd
Occasional Contributor

Re: IRQ settings for DL380s, and 360's

Many thanks.
One less worry for me.

Its all too easy. I wonder if there is a catch ?