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Identify Service Agreement ID?

Laurence Barker
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Identify Service Agreement ID?



Server hardware, vSphere products and support were purchased via a reseller in 2010/2011. We are now trying to both renew the support (via another reseller) and also raise a support call with HP but it seems we can't do that without a Service Agreement ID.


We have no record fo the SAID and the reseller we purchased from no longer exists.


Can someone please advise who I can contact/speak to, to identify the SAID for the support comtracts we have paid for?




Laurence Barker

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Re: Identify Service Agreement ID?

Hi Laurence,


the right team to contact is country/regio specific.

I would call your local HP ISS Server helpdesk from your country and ask them for the email address of the care pack admin team who handles your regio/country.





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Re: Identify Service Agreement ID?

I have similar of this problem when I purchase the server and vsphere 6.5 with a vendor of another vendor.  They only send me the license entitlement certificate of the esx and vcenter standard, the entitlement say 

VMw vCenter Server Std for vSph 1yr SW

This will be similar to esx, xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx 1yr SW

But are the vendor suppose to give me the SAID?  On our invoice for the first vendor, not the original invoice of the second/final vendor to HP, the price is with software vmware support of 1 year.

Please help!