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Identifying 512545-B21 72GB 15K 6G SAS Drives

Will Estes
Occasional Contributor

Identifying 512545-B21 72GB 15K 6G SAS Drives

For some bizarre reason, HP is not marking it's 2.5 inch 72GB 15K 6G SAS drives, marketing part number 512545-B21. with the actual master part number 512545-B21.   I am sorting through old drives here that are marked with at least five different spare numbers, and I have no master reference that establishes which of these correspond to 512545-B21.  

Does anyone have authoritative documentation about all spare numbers that correspond to 512545-B21?

Is it safe to mix different spares that are both members of 512545-B21 together into a RAID array?   I normally try to keep RAID arrays with the same manufacturer drive, but it looks like HP is using many different drive manufacturers for the 512545-B21 part.

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Re: Identifying 512545-B21 72GB 15K 6G SAS Drives


HP is often using different disks with same specs as an "identical" part (same partno or spareno..).


Hope this helps!

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