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Identifying which generation an ML350 is

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Identifying which generation an ML350 is

Hello. I'm registered on the consumer board but first post on this one.


To cut a long story short, I've a ML310G3 and have been given an old ML350, although I've looked at a few .pdf's the images (specifically the front panel) are nothing like this model.


I'm trying to find which generation the ML350, (the 310 has a sticker on the inside), the ML350 only has a ML350T01 and a serial number on the front and back which I could not search for.


It does not currently have any drives (as I say I was given it) so I cannot do a quick OS install to run a utility to find out. I do intend to put it to good use though. It has 2x 866 P3 CPU's.


Is there an easy way to identify which generation the ML350 is please ? , its the white cased one. Someone said it must be a G1 if its white but a search for ML350G1 did not really return any results.


I found pic (camera is broken at the moment) its this one:



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Re: Identifying which generation an ML350 is

Figured it out :)


Its the G1 600-933 model, this is why I was confused when someone said its a G1 as some of the docs I looked at had the other fascia / front panel. Looking at this:


I can see clearly that there's two types of front for each model. My actual model number does not appear to be there but I can assume as it says P600-256 it started life with a single 600Mhz CPU and 256mb, when I received it, it had a pair of 866's and 2GB ram.


Just posted that in case it helps anyone in the future really as its easy once you know how but the stumbling block was finding out there where two G1 types as such, this was the source of the initial confusion.


This can be resolved I guess. :)

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Identifying which generation an ML350 is

Cool, good job!

I believe you can mark this one as solved yourself ;)