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Image from DL380 Proliant

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Image from DL380 Proliant

Dear sirs,

I have running a DL380 Proliant with a Netraid 5i card. He has one raid 1 en 1 raid five. I want to make a image of the raid 1 (o.s.) I use therefore Ghost 2003. Whitch drivers do I need so that Ghost can see the disks and can make a image.

Please help.

David Quick_1
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Re: Image from DL380 Proliant

You don't need any additional drivers for Ghost. Your hardware array controller and drive array will appear to Ghost as one large hard drive. (Or two hard drives, as you said you have two arrays configured).

If you want to save your image to a network share you'll need a DOS boot disk with network card drivers and a network protocol stack, and network client.

Take a look at this link, It will explain how to create a bootable network diskette:∏=Symantec%20Ghost&ver=7.5&osv=&osv_lvl=