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Imaging DL580's

Corey Wilson_2
Occasional Advisor

Imaging DL580's

Hello all,

I am imaging some new hardware and am curious as to why the DL380G3 image will not load on the DL580G2. The raid controller's are both 5i+'s the 580 does NOT have the 5300 controller in it anymore. I can pull down the image just fine, but when i restart the machine, it hangs at "Booting from C: Drive: the drives show solid activity and go back and forth between the two logical drives after about 1 minute a piece. Both of the systems are also running xeon processors, so I cant understand where the problem may lie as usually if hardware incompatbilities were there, you would atleast get the windows splash screen and blue screen errors afterwards stating such and such drivers could not be loaded, dont match etc.

Any ideas? These are Windows 2003 images. And the image created on the 380 can be loaded to other 380's with no problems. I understand these are different systems but the win2k images work from 380 to 580 on older 580g2's.