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Improving cooling capacity for PL800


Improving cooling capacity for PL800

Hi all.

I have a PL800 with dual PII 400s. Currently, I have one of the two with the stock Compaq heatsink, and one with a slightly different model that is not Compaq. I am able to successfully run the server without overheating and shutting down, but it just nags at me that I do not have matching heatsinks. Where can I find a heatsink for this one processor? Also, is there any way to get better circulation near the processors? The rear fan is near the heatsinks, but it is not really close enough to draw the warmth away. I have the PL without the processor cage, for reference.

Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: Improving cooling capacity for PL800

You may want to try one of the type of fans which can be installed in the removeable media bay. I've never seen much of a problem with these servers overheating, especially with the 400 MHZ procs.
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