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Increasing C: space

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Increasing C: space

I have got a Proliant 5500 Xeon with smart array 3200. 4 disk 9,1 G for multidisk A Raid 0+1 and 2 disk 18,2G for multidisk B Raid 1.
My Os is NT4.0 SP6 and I must upgrade in W2k
System partition C: is 1,5Go on Disk 0, Notes/data partition are agregat partition on Disk 0 and Disk 1. 2,3 G at the end of Disk 1 are free.
Before Upgrading I'd like to have more space on C: and I dont't know if I can do it by changing Raid 0+1 to Raid 0. What will append if I do that ? What will I see in windows, more space in C: or simply free space on disk 0 ?

Thank all in advance
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Re: Increasing C: space

Hi hinray,

first of all: You need a full backup!
Be sure all data is backed up!

Changing raid level: I don´t know, your smart array controller can do this, but if you do this you have no redundancy for your disks! If possible change your raid level to raid5.

Be sure your server is supported for W2k, watch the HCL.

Changing your raid level doesn´t change your partition size. You need a third party tool for increasing the partition. For Windows 2000 and 2003 the best tool is diskpart.exe from microsoft.

Good luck!