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Increasing Hard Disk Space in RAID 5 Configuration

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Increasing Hard Disk Space in RAID 5 Configuration

We have a HP ML 350 G5 Server with 3 X 146GB SAS Disks. RAID 5 is configured on the Hard Disk.

Disk 0 Basic Disk : C:\ -> 263GB & D:\ -> 9.76GB drives presently, we are running out of space on the C:\ drive.  


We want to add 2x146 Gb Hard disks to RAID Array and need to increase the size of C drive.

Please suggest me, how to do this with the RAID 5 configuration on it without effecting the data already stored.


Re: Increasing Hard Disk Space in RAID 5 Configuration

The tricky part is the operating system. So it all depand on your OS.


Here's the procedure.



1. Ensure you got a good backup and disater recovery plan.

2. Check that the excisting drives is OK - Use SMH / ACU / ADU. If theres anys error on 1 of the old drives it will fail.


The Hardware:

1. Physically install the drives, with hotswap drive bays, it can be done on-line.

2. Open the ACU.

3. Expand the Array (Add the new disks to the Array, the Expand feature, available when  more drives is available).

4. Extend the Logical drive (Featuer available when theres free space on the array).


The OS:

Depend on the OS, and it may not like to extend the partition for the boot/system drive on-line. There are some workarouds for some operating systems.


In you case, you have got a D: drive, this may prohibit an extension of the C: partition.

Also if the d: drive is a second logical drive on the array, it may also prohibit an extension og the LD.


FYI: When Things is made in a good way. It will take a few minutes only, to expand the array and extend the logical drive in the forground (In the background it will take many hours, but you don't have to care).

With Windows server 2003 or later, it take a few seconds to extend a data drive.

And it's all online.




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