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Increasing Hard Drive space by adding extra drive- possible?

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Increasing Hard Drive space by adding extra drive- possible?

Hi all,


There maybe an answer to this already but as I am not sure what the correct terminology is I am not sure what to look for. I am new to the hardware side of things. Basically, I am working on a project on my own in the company and am not able to involve anyone else so am having to learn hardware as I go.


I have a proliant G5 server for my machine which is great. I took it from the store room and it only has 2 * 140 GB in raid 1 for HDD. I have set up a 5 machine cluster in Virtualbox and all is great, however I need to up the storeage on the server to then share it out amoungst the virtual machines.


My question is, is there a way I can add another HDD to work as increased capacity on the orginal HDD as far as the machine is concerned? EG If I add a 120GB to the existing 140GB to make one drive of 260GB as far as the machine is concerned.


As I am new to all this I thought I would ask before looking at starting again with a larger HDD.


Thanks. Ben.

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Re: Increasing Hard Drive space by adding extra drive- possible?

Yes it is possible, to increase the logical drive size.


Do you have basic RAID knowledge?


G5 is Generation 5 a model in the ProLiant server family.

Depending on the model, you can add more physical drives.

For the majority of Smart Array E and P models, it must have cache backup,

for it to do changes to the RAID, meanning  change of RAID level, adding disks, extending

the logical drives.


Vendors got various implementations, using various termenology.


Try to take a look at this video: