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Initial setup

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Initial setup

I am trying to get a Proliant 5000 up and running without any of the supplied disks. I downloaded the System Configuration Utility and created the 4 diskettes. I boot up with Disk 1 and select the "Drive Array Configuration" option. The screen says to insert the disk labeled "Drive Array Configuration". How do I make this disk? I downloaded the drive array utilities for NT4, but they seem to need an installed operating system in order to run, which I won't have until I get the array configured.
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Initial setup

this is not the proper method..the system configuration utility diskettes in this case should only be used to create the system partition...
what you will need to do to get the os on after that is this and it will extract some files one of them being this and it will create four need diskette 2...
next boot with NT cd an hit not let it detect mass storage devices..instead choose SPECIFY then OTHER and it will prompt you for a diskette..use diskette 2...when this finishes it will continue on with NT install..once NT is up you can run the latest SSD's off our site to bring the drivers to the latest
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