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Initializing Smart 2/P Controller for SCO

Alan Kris Widdison
Occasional Contributor

Initializing Smart 2/P Controller for SCO

I am new to this process so I am searching for info. I found a document in the knowledgebase regarding how to install SCO OpenServer 5.0.6 on the Proliant server. It says (in part)...
(1) "Create the EFS diskettes"
...How do I do this? I could find no reference to this process...
(2) "Make sure that the controller order is correctly configured"
...I have been looking for some source of the utility to run to do this. I have not been able to identify it...
(3) "After the Smart Start installation part, boot on the OpenServer CD"
...What exactly is the Smart Start installation? Is it part of the ROM boot process or is it something on the Smart array itself or is it a utility that I need to run?...
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Honored Contributor

Re: Initializing Smart 2/P Controller for SCO


Here is the link to the "EFS" disketts:

You will likely need the System Configuration Utility as well (you don't seem to have a SmartStart CD) Create them from this link here:

Once you have the server built and running SCO, here is a link to all the other goodies you may need to make it work correctly (drivers and such) with the server hardware:

I hope this helps you! Let us know if you need anything else?
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Alan Kris Widdison
Occasional Contributor

Re: Initializing Smart 2/P Controller for SCO

YOu have replied to several of my questions. Thanks for your time. I was in the Compaq (HP) site for the first time and was just searching for keywords and several of the searches brought up forum postings but I did not know how to go to the very start of the forums to see where I was so I would simply post a question that was related to the search results I found. Anyway, now I found how to start at the front of the forum site and go to the correct category so hopefully I will not be so redundant. Anyway, I have your instructions from one of the other questions and it seems very thorough. I will follow it through and see if I can make anything play. At least I was successful so far in adding CPU's (up to 4), RAM (up to 655 MB), and the disk array (the POST recognizes the disks but that's as far as it will go at this point). So, I am hopeful that I will be able to continue to move forward.