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Install Hyper-V Server on SD-Card?


Install Hyper-V Server on SD-Card?



I have a couple DL380 Gen8 (buying a new Gen9 soon) with VMWare installed on the on-board SD-card slot. We are migrating to Hyper-V and I heard that an installation of Hyper-V Server could be done to a SD-card if the hardware manufacturer supported it.


I've read somewhere that HP supports this but I haven't found any information on this at all.


So my question is. Is this possible and where do I find the information about this?

If not, what do other people do to run Hyper-V on a diskless server? We are buying a MSA 2040 with 10GbE iSCSI. Could I somehow boot directly to a iSCSI LUN or something? What is recommended here? I want to try and avoid buying disks just to install Hyper-V on as it would increase cost a great deal.